Is Your Hospital Leaving Reimbursement on the Table?

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What if there was one source that could provide you with answers to questions like these:

  • How does the Medicare Bad Debt I’ve claimed compare to hospitals that have a similar socioeconomic profile?
  • How do the revisions that I’ve made to Medicaid days for my DSH calculation compare to the state average?
  • How will the announced change to the Uncompensated Care Formula impact my Uncompensated Care Payment?
  • How does my Shadow Billing capture rate compare to hospitals with similar Medicare Advantage populations?

The HPS Market Evaluation Tool integrates data from a number of different sources at a national, state, county and hospital-specific level. Our experts then overlay deep domain experience to transform these data pieces into easy-to-understand visuals that allow hospitals to compare themselves to their peers across the street, or across the country.