CMS Now Allowing Revisions to FY 2014 Worksheet S-10 Data

September-30-deadlineAs we posted earlier this month, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued Change Request (CR) 10026. CR 10026 gave hospitals a deadline of September 30, 2017 to revise FY 2015 Worksheet S-10 data.

This deadline was similar to one set by CMS last year, when it set a September 30, 2016 deadline for revising FY 2014 Worksheet S-10 data and after our post, we heard from several clients who wondered whether CMS might open the door for revising FY 2014 Worksheet S-10 data despite last year’s deadline. Those clients thought that the inclusion of FY 2014 in the Factor 3 calculation formula contained in the April release of the Hospital Inpatient PPS Proposed Rule (Proposed Rule) for FY 2018 might incline CMS to give hospitals another chance to revise the data for that FY.

It turns out these clients were correct. On July 13, CMS announced that hospitals may submit amended FY 2014 Worksheet S-10 data to their MACs through September 30, 2017. For hospitals, it provides one final opportunity to revise their FY 2014 Worksheet S-10 data prior to the potential implementation of the new Factor 3 calculation formula.

What Does This Mean for Hospitals?

Similar to the message to hospitals after the release of the deadline for revising FY 2015 data, given the language in the FY 2018 Proposed Rule and the tight timeframe that CMS has given, it is imperative that hospitals quickly determine whether they intend to revise their 2014 Worksheet S-10 data. We have already heard from a number of hospitals that were planning to review their FY 2015 data and anticipate that many hospitals will decide to revise both their FY 2014 and FY 2015 Worksheet S-10s, creating a high amount of demand for support to complete these revisions by the September 30 deadline.

How Can Healthcare Payment Specialists Help You?

With deep expertise in complex and data-intensive cost report issues, such as Medicare Bad Debt and Medicare DSH, Healthcare Payment Specialists (HPS) is ideally positioned to work with hospitals to deliver Worksheet S-10s that are complete and accurate. Our Uncompensated Care Analytics solution provides hospitals with the core data points needed to complete Worksheet S-10, detailed documentation to expedite the audit process, an analysis of the impact that your Worksheet S-10 results will have on uncompensated care payments and benchmarking against peer hospitals.

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Healthcare Payment Specialists

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