The HPS Market Evaluation Tool

Hospitals have a number of options available to them.
What they don’t have is the data to evaluate how well the solutions they’ve chosen are performing.

Use Data to Drive Your Decision Making

What if there was one source that could provide hospitals with the answers to questions like these:

  • How does the Medicare Bad Debt I’ve been claiming compare to hospitals in my state that have a similar socioeconomic profile?
  • How do the revisions that I’ve made to Medicaid days for my Disproportionate Share calculation compare to the state average?
  • How will the announced change to the Uncompensated Care Formula impact my Uncompensated Care Payment?
  • How does my Shadow Billing capture rate compare to other hospitals with similar Medicare Advantage populations?

What if this information was available to you for free?

Meet the HPS Market Evaluation Tool

As a market leader in complex Medicare reimbursement payment issues, we understand the value that real-life data provides to hospital decision-makers. That’s why we’ve developed the HPS Market Evaluation Tool (MET).

The MET integrates publicly available data from a variety of sources for every hospital in the United States and combines that data with HPS’s proprietary algorithms to produce a comprehensive market benchmark overview for the following payment issues in which we operate.

  • Medicare Bad Debt
  • Medicare Disproportionate Share
  • Uncompensated Care Payments
  • Shadow Billing
  • Transfer DRG

The MET provides clear, relevant and actionable data to help hospitals understand their current performance and identify opportunities for improvement.


HPS will provide your hospital’s MET at no cost. Our only ask is that you spend 20 minutes with us to review the data. Simply fill out the form and we’ll be in touch with you soon.

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