In addition to driving HPS’s own internal review processes, HPS offers its STINGRAY™ platform to hospitals as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. STINGRAY SaaS enables hospitals to conduct reimbursement recovery using the same platform that HPS uses for its own projects.

STINGRAY SaaS allows hospital reimbursement teams to enter, process and analyze data faster and smarter. The system’s superior automation, increased data visibility and unmatched analytics, provide the tools that hospitals need to achieve their goals of improving the results and processes of their internal reimbursement team.

“Creating Medicare Bad Debt logs can be an absolute nightmare. Our previous process was very manual, and it would take us months to create a log. That’s why I’m so happy to have STINGRAY – it makes the process so much faster and easier.” — Terry Ellis, Director of Patient Services, Community Memorial Health System

HPS supports STINGRAY SaaS by providing clients with full support throughout the implementation process. HPS provides in-depth client training during key aspects of system setup and data loading. Once STINGRAY SaaS is operational, HPS provides the training needed to use the system and a team of client service, project management, operations and technical staff to ensure success.


All four STINGRAY modules — Medicare Bad Debt, Medicare Disproportionate Share, Transfer DRG, and Shadow Billing Compliance — have received Peer Reviewed designation from the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA).

Stingray SaaS: Improving results and processes by taking reimbursement in-house


Superior Data Integration


“We were a little skeptical at first of the dollars that were projected for our facility but decided to move forward with the project because our process was manual and was very time consuming. In one cost report filing we covered our cost of the STINGRAY™ project over and over.” — Janiel Sailer, Reimbursement Coordinator, St. Alexius Medical Center